The Life of Our Holy Mother Theodora the Nun, Who Suffered in the Guise of a Man -- MP3 Download


Theodora, a married woman in Alexandria, was lured into adultery when she was told that even God cannot see what happens at night. Repentant, she disguised herself as a man and entered a men's monastery, where her husband would not find her. Later, she was accused of seducing a young woman, and expelled from the monastery to raise the infant she had supposedly begotten. After her death, it was discovered that she was a woman, and therefore could not be the father. Saint Demetrius of Rostov recounts the strange adventures through which Saint Theodora's soul was redeemed from her grievous sin.

45 minutes.

This vintage audiobook is a Legacy Recording from our archives. It was recorded on older equipment to different standards, and it contains various imperfections.

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