About Us

OCRB is a family business, founded in 1986, that started out with one man, a tape recorder, and a vision: to provide quality Orthodox Christian audio materials. Archpriest Chad Williams, founder of OCRB, went on to record lectures across the nation, and to record for the first time some of the best known and loved works of Orthodox Christian literature. His principles were simple: produce a unique, quality product with an unconditional guarantee, and make it easily affordable. Today OCRB recordings have found a place in the homes and hearts of people around the globe. 

OCRB is dedicated to providing audio versions of Orthodox Christian books, lectures, and liturgical materials. The studio voices you hear are the voices of those who love the material, not of dramatic actors. The readings are clear, engaging, and salvific. Truly, hearing the word of God precedes doing the word of God. 

Salvation is our goal in this life. Therefore we try to make every moment of our lives count toward that end. Yet we live in a busy and often unholy world that encroaches on our mind, heart, and senses. By immersing ourselves in the life of Christ even in the midst of the world we can help counter this influence. One way is by listening to the word of God even while we are in the world, in our cars, in our homes, and when going about the business of our daily lives. 

Earlier this year Nathan Williams, eldest son of Father Chad Williams, became the new owner of OCRB. Previously Nathan Williams had contributed to the development of OCRB by recording, editing, and creating the company website. Today, as owner, he is committed to continuing the OCRB traditions of quality, expanding the line of available titles, and making products even more accessible and affordable. 

OCRB has been a labor of love from the beginning, and this becomes evident from the moment you press "Play". We hope you will love listening to our work as much as we have loved producing it.