OCRB Website updated for mobile access February 21 2014

We've just completed a long-overdue update of our website, making it easier to navigate and view product information. Most importantly, however, we have switched to a responsive site, meaning that the website resizes itself depending on the screen on which you are viewing it. Browsing and purchasing from your mobile phone or tablet is now a breeze. Please let us know if there's anything that would make browsing our site even more enjoyable!

St. Herman Youth Conference 2011 January 20 2012

The lectures from this past St. Herman Youth Conference are now available, both on CD and as downloadable MP3s.  You can also order the entire collection of three lectures for $19.95, on a single MP3 disc or on three audio CDs.  Bring this past year's conference into your home or car!  Check them out at

Why wait to listen to your favorite lecture?  Downloads are now only $4.95 each.  Now you can easily listen to a new and interesting lecture anytime you're ready on your smartphone, MP3 player, or computer.  Check out all our lectures for download.

Stream St. Nicholas' Life for Free November 22 2011

For a limited time you can stream our latest release, The Life of St. Nicholas of Myra and Lycia, for free!  Just visit and like our facebook page.  A beautiful life that everyone should hear at least once.  

Beautifully read and packaged, this would be the perfect St. Nicholas Day gift, or Christmas gift for those who want to know the real 'Santa Clause'.  Available from OCRB on compact disc and for download.

St. Nicholas for St. Nicholas Day November 12 2011

The release of The Life of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker marks a milestone for OCRB, since ownership passed from father to son last year. The lives of the saints have been the best-loved of OCRB's recordings, and the life of St. Nicholas is the first in-studio saint's life produced in over a decade.  This would be a wonderful "stocking stuffer" for any child or godchild, young or old.

OCRB has come a long way since Fr. Chad Williams began producing recordings with little more than a tape recorder, which recordings he edited by hand with a razor blade and tape.  Today our recordings are produced in the same studio which he built by hand, now using modern condenser microphones and digital recording equipment.  One thing remains the same, however: all production and assembly is done in-house, so that we can guarantee that every recordings you receive is of the highest quality from start to finish.

Audio clips are back! October 29 2011

Now most OCRB product pages have an audio clip from the recording, so you can hear a sample of the recording before you purchase.  Just click the orange arrow to start playback, as in the clip below from the life of St. Sergius of Radonezh:

Click to hear a sample clip

ToneTutor 101 FAQ page needs your input! October 22 2011

The release of ToneTutor 101 spiked a lively discussion on the Ustav e-mail list regarding the history of and variations in Russian Orthodox chant.  We were pleased to note that the posts seemed to confirm that, while there are many different traditions of Russian Orthodox chant, and there will certainly be variations from one parish to the next, the chant taught in ToneTutor 101 reflects the most common usage of English-speaking Russian Orthodox parishes.

During the discussion, several excellent questions were asked. These are answered on the FAQ page for ToneTutor 101, which answers many frequently asked questions about the course, such as "What translation is used?", "What can I expect to learn from ToneTutor 101?", "How can I check my progress?", and "Will there be a ToneTutor 102?"

If you're interested in ToneTutor 101 and have a question we haven't answered, please do write and let us know!  Chances are that other people are wondering the same thing, so we want to include your question on the FAQ page.

We would also love to have your feedback on ToneTutor 101: we have plans for similar projects in the future, and want very much to incorporate your ideas and suggestions.

NEW! ToneTutor 101 – An Introduction to the Eight Tones October 14 2011

Well, we didn't make our target release date of the Exaltation of the Cross. But it's finally here – ToneTutor 101: An Audio Course in the Eight Tones of the Russian Orthodox Church.  We didn't intend its release for the feast of St. Roman the Melodist, but we couldn't have planned a more appropriate day.  Happy nameday, Fr. Roman!  Fr. Roman Krasovsky's course in Church Music 101 at Holy Trinity Seminary was the inspiration for ToneTutor 101, and we are deeply indebted to him.

We have given this course our all, and we hope and pray that it serves its purpose well.  Please write to us with your comments, questions, and suggestions – we plan to compile an FAQ page and to incorporate suggestions into future editions and audio courses.  

Remember that all OCRB products are backed by our unconditional guarantee: if you're not satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund.

ToneTutor 101 – an introduction to the 8 tones of the Russian Orthodox Church September 06 2011

Coming this fall by popular demand: ToneTutor 101 – an audio course in the Russian liturgical tones, covering all 8 tones and their various melodies.  Based on the system used at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, which has been proven effective for students of all levels.  Great for the beginning singer or the experienced choir director who wants to improve fluency in the tones.  Release is slated for September 14/27, the Exaltation of the Cross.