ToneTutor 101 FAQ page needs your input! October 22 2011

The release of ToneTutor 101 spiked a lively discussion on the Ustav e-mail list regarding the history of and variations in Russian Orthodox chant.  We were pleased to note that the posts seemed to confirm that, while there are many different traditions of Russian Orthodox chant, and there will certainly be variations from one parish to the next, the chant taught in ToneTutor 101 reflects the most common usage of English-speaking Russian Orthodox parishes.

During the discussion, several excellent questions were asked. These are answered on the FAQ page for ToneTutor 101, which answers many frequently asked questions about the course, such as "What translation is used?", "What can I expect to learn from ToneTutor 101?", "How can I check my progress?", and "Will there be a ToneTutor 102?"

If you're interested in ToneTutor 101 and have a question we haven't answered, please do write and let us know!  Chances are that other people are wondering the same thing, so we want to include your question on the FAQ page.

We would also love to have your feedback on ToneTutor 101: we have plans for similar projects in the future, and want very much to incorporate your ideas and suggestions.