NEW! ToneTutor 201: The Special Melodies


ToneTutor 201: The Special Melodies

Several years in the making, ToneTutor 201: The Special Melodies takes students of Russian liturgical music to the next level: the automela and prosomia (samopodobny and podobny) of the Russian Orthodox Church.  In ToneTutor 201 you will learn the 10 most common special melodies, as taught at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, NY.

ToneTutor 201 includes an 11-CD album and a 48-page workbook, containing exercises and original arrangements of the special melodies in English. Experienced chanters walk you through each melody, one musical phrase at a time. Four-part examples are given for each hymn.

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In ToneTutor 201 you will learn to:

  • sing the special melodies from sheet music (no previous experience reading music required!)
  • sing the same hymns using just the text, without the sheet music
  • apply the melodies to other hymns without sheet music.

Based on the time-tested system used at Holy Trinity Seminary in New York, ToneTutor 201 is an effective tool to help you master the special melodies and have fun doing so. Whether you’re a beginning chanter or an experienced choir director, ToneTutor 201 was created with you in mind.

A solid knowledge of the special melodies is something you'll never regret having. Satisfaction is guaranteed!  Write and ask about group discounts for your choir, seminary, or school. 

Download instructions

Format: Your download is in compressed ZIP format. To unzip the files use a free program such as jZIP. The entire course is around 500 MB, so you may wish to consider downloading over WiFi.

iPhone users: Download to your computer, unzip the files, then sync to your phone using iTunes.

Workbook: Your workbook is in PDF format, and is in the same ZIP file as the audio files. If you have any trouble finding it please email us at and we will email you the file directly.


What users are saying about the preceding course, ToneTutor 101:

"Thanks be to God for this resource! This process of listening and repeating has already trained me in the basics of the tones in a few daily listenings. Such a resource has been in great need for many years for the local churches, monasteries, homes and individuals. I am confident that anybody who uses it with regularity will make great progress." 

- St Albans, UK


“ToneTutor 101 is an excellent product for choir members who need to learn the tones of Church music by individual practice.  Easy to understand step-by-step practice will raise the level of skill and understanding so that anyone who can sing will gain the confidence to sing well for God in the cliros.  Our parish uses this program to good effect and our choir members value it greatly.  Thank you so much to all who have worked so hard and so well to bring us this superb resource!”

Archpriest Gregory Hallam, Dean
Antiochian Orthodox Deanery of the United Kingdom and Ireland
"Ever since I purchased the Tone Tutor I have been enjoying it daily."
- Salem, NH
"We've quickly sold out of ToneTutor 101, even at the full retail price!"
- Jordanville, NY


"I am listening to the first CD of ToneTutor 101, and I am so happy I made the purchase. It is really very helpful in learning the 8 tones! The recordings on ToneTutor 101 are very clear. This is exactly what I have been looking for and hoping for. Glory be to God for all things!"

- Nathaniel, Malaysia

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