Great Collection of the Lives of the Saints – September, on Tape Casette. CLOSEOUT

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  • Hear the lives of the Holy Prophet Moses, the Apostle John, of the Holy Protomartyr and Equal-to-the-Apostles Thecla, a homily on The Nativity of the Mother of God, and more than 50 other Lives and homilies corresponding to each day of the month of September as commemorated by the Orthodox Church.
  • Excellent for listening in the home, the car, or in a church gathering.
  • More than 16 hours (original text is nearly 500 pages) of Lives, homilies, and explanations on 12 cassette tapes.
  • Comes in a fine quality black album with gold embossed spine and frontice (same art as the original text).
  • Includes a printed Table of Contents and Index to the Lives in a seperate booklet.
  • Each 'Life' has its own track and special tone for access within seconds to the desired slection.
    This first volume of St. Demetrius' compilation of the Lives of the Saints was first translated into English by Fr. Thomas Maretta, and the printed edition published by Chrysostom Press in 1995.

    We have learned that The Saint John of Kronstadt Press is closing out its stock of this item at a giveaway price of $20.00 each. Click here to visit their website. Or, you can purchase the entire collection on one MP3 CD here.
  • Click to hear a sample clip (from the life of David the Robber)

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