Faith, Hope, and Love, and Sophia, Martyrs, and Thecla, Equal-to-the-Apostles


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St. Sophia’s words to her children upon their confession of the faith: "My sweet children, do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the enemy’s presents, glory, honor, wealth...But love none of these things..for having suffered ...but a short will rejoice forever." 

St. Thecla is not only equal to, but a contemporary of the Apostles and close disciple of St. Paul. She was eighteen and engaged at the time of her conversion. She succumbed neither to parents nor princes nor torturers in their attempts to seduce her to return to paganism, and finally was miraculously delivered from a hideous fate. 

Both Lives are from the Menology of St. Demetrius of Rostov. 1 CD, 65 minutes. 

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